The Importance Of Embracing Routine As An Entrepreneur

The word 'routine' often carries a negative connotation. Which is perhaps why we typically resist embracing routine. If a relationship becomes routine, you’ve lost ‘the spark’ – it’s no longer sexy or exciting. When a job becomes routine, you’re just passing the time for a steady pay cheque.   But, it’s been precisely my lack of routine over the last several years that’s seen me gain nearly 30 lbs, incessantly picking up my phone and checking social media, and just feeling out of sorts, in general.

Despite the glamour of spontaneity and it's magnetizing pull in our YOLO-esque culture, here's how establishing, maintaining and embracing routine helped me accomplish my highest revenue-generating year in business yet...


Embracing routine and allowing room for boredom

Remember Summers as a kid? Before you had to use that time to attend driving school or work your part-time job at at an amusement park? When you could waste the days away doing nothing? After the high of school’s end wore off, you were just…bored. And, if you dared whine about it to your Mom, you’d be met with the suggestion of, “you’re bored? Clean up!” Well, obviously that was entirely out of the question. Back then, there weren’t as many options to keep yourself occupied (*distracted).

Now, as an over-worked entrepreneur, and over-stimulated, and frankly, exhausted adult, I crave the boredom that once agonized me as a child. But, what are you supposed to do when there are a million options readily available to ease the monotony of life?


Ditching Distractions

In no way is this meant to be a self-righteous or self-indulgent rant. Rather, an admission of the fact that over the last 3 to 5 years, I had relinquished control of myself to work, technology, and social media. As a result, I no longer recognized the person staring back at me in the mirror. In fact, not only do I not recognize her, I didn’t like her.

I needed to remember what it felt like to just be. To sit quietly – create the mental space to reflect and wrestle with ideas. Let people “come to mind”, rather than come up on my Facebook feed. To feel at home in my own body, and, to love myself again. In order to do that, I had to ditch every distraction that led me to this place.


Digital Detox For The Creative Soul

At this time last year, I quit Instagram. It was one of the healthiest things I could have done for my mental and spiritual health. And, if I'm honest, also for my creative energy.

I was allowing my brain to breathe - to detach from the distractions of what everyone else was "up to", and just focus on my own life and business. It was out of this season of solitude that I was able to sit down, think, and develop ideas that were going to lead to my most profitable year in business. In fact, I was starting to build this into a routine...



Seat by a window...and GO!

It was in this scenario that I did my best, deep work - where all the creative ideas were flowing out of me like a steady, constant stream. 


Embracing routine and hitting refresh

Re-introducing structure and embracing routine has forced me to be more mindful about the way I’m spending my time. Creating restrictions, particularly around the use of technology, has re-invigorated me from the inside out. 

Even that small change of temporarily quitting Instagram breathed life into me. Ditching the mammoth social media platform left me with more time and energy than I could have imagined. And, implementing this writing practice into a morning routine did wonders for my business.

Moving forward, I'll be taking far more frequent breaks from social media, and give myself the mental space to do my best, more productive work - analog style.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on embracing routine.  Do you have a morning or evening ritual? How has the helped you reach your goals? Has it impacted your health? Comment below and let's chat!


Until next time, here’s to having enough time in the morning to make a cup of coffee…



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