All Is Bright - Founder's Note by Octavia Ramirez, Paper & Coin Founder & CEO


As a child, the holidays were a cacophony of sounds, bright lights, flashy colours, and the warmth of a house full of extended family, laughter, food, and lots and lots of love. 

All of that changed the year my Dad passed away. 

Suddenly, the holidays became this painful reminder of what was. Wondering if it would ever be as good again. Those years when my Dad would unconvincingly dress up as Santa Claus, with his breath smelling of whatever liquor he’d been indulging in on the side of his turkey. When there were so many kids in the house that the gifts would sprawl out from underneath the Christmas tree all the way to the middle of the living room. And, when my only worry in the world was resisting the urge to open a gift or two while I waited for everyone else’s to be distributed. It was torturous waiting for “Santa” to say “GO!”. But, when he finally did, the whole house would erupt - wrapping paper flying everywhere, squeals of joy, screams of “thank you!”, hugs, kisses, and “Merry Christmas!” wishes all around. 


Perhaps this year, you’re feeling a little bit how I did during those first holidays without my beloved Dad. Perhaps you’re isolated and lonely in a home that is normally buzzing with the energy of loved ones.

Perhaps you’re having to tighten those purse strings at a time where you were once able to shop, gift, and donate generously. 

Perhaps you’re searching for a job during a time when you were usually looking forward to some quality time off. 

Or, perhaps you’re struggling with the sickness of a friend or family member, or worse, mourning their loss. 

I wish I could find the right words to aptly describe what this year has felt like for so many both here at home and around the world. The words nauseating, dizzying, hollow, and gut-punch come to mind. I know this, because that’s how it felt the day the cops showed up at our door and told us that my Dad had been killed in a fatal car accident. I imagine that for some of you, 2020 has felt a little bit like that.


I’m sure this isn’t the holiday message you were expecting. This wasn’t the holiday any of us were expecting. I wish I could tell you that Christmasses were just as good as those years with my Dad’s big smile and belly laughs. They weren’t. But, they did get better. 

Last year, our holiday theme was “All is Calm”, and this year, fittingly, it’s “All is Bright”. Because, though things feel bleak and dark right now, there is hope for brighter days ahead.


Whether you struggled with a job loss, a business closure, sickness, loneliness, financial strain, or the stress of balancing essential or remote work with your mental and physical health, and the well-being of your family - you will come out of this stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of everything that truly matters in life. Things will get better.

I want to take this moment to personally thank all the healthcare heroes and essential workers who have tirelessly kept our cities, towns, and nation running. I want to thank my incredible team for strapping in for the ride and doing whatever needed to be done to weather the storms of this year. And, I want to thank you, our amazing P&C Community. After all, we too, are a small business, so if you signed up for our coaching programs, enrolled in our online or in-person Money Masterclass, ordered a magazine, or early in the year, attended an event, your support truly made a difference and helped keep our digital doors open. We appreciate you, and cannot wait to continue serving you in 2021 and beyond. 

On behalf of everyone on Team P&C, and from my family to yours, I wish you all healthy, safe, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.



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