The Best Personal Finance Podcasts

According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, only 24% of Millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy. While the world of finance can feel intimidating, understanding the basics like how to avoid debt, invest intelligently, and paying as little as possible in taxes can help you gain financial control and confidence.

So, where can you get started brushing up on your financial literacy? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best financial podcasts in the game to help get you started.


The Dave Ramsey Show

One of the most notable figures in the personal finance space, Dave Ramsey has helped millions of people around the world pay off debt, avoid credit cards, and learn how to manage their money through his radio show, and top rated podcast. He offers practical, no-nonsense, and sometimes, tough love advice to whip your finances in shape. The Dave Ramsey Show podcast (and like Youtube stream) is a great place to start your financial literacy journey, especially if you’re looking for a step-by-step plan on how to become and stay debt-free forever.




So Money 

The So Money podcast, hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, is an entertaining, interview-style podcast that has featured insightful conversations with some of the best and brightest minds in business, including Tim Ferris, Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington. With this financial podcast in your regular rotation, you’ll be feeling financially lit in no time.




Planet Money 

Planet Money from NPR is perhaps one of the most in-depth financial podcasts on the market - digging into historical context and narrative like no other. For example, they dug into the economic context around Charles Dickens’ ‘The Christmas Carol’ , and how he was intentional challenging the financial status quo through creative storytelling. A far more interesting approach than that snore fest ECON 101 course you took, right?




The Chris Hogan Show

So, you’ve learned how to create and stick to a budget, you’ve paid off your debt, and have an emergency fund. Now what? Well, it’s time to get serious about your long-term investment plan. Enter, The Chris Hogan Show. As a former college football player, and with a booming voice, you’ll feel like you’re in a financial literacy and investing bootcamp listening to drill Sgt. Chris Hogan. This podcast focuses on simple approaches to investing, building wealth and preparing you for retirement. Because, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead! 


The Rachel Cruze Show

The Rachel Cruze Show feels like grabbing a coffee that girlfriend that just gets it - she knows exactly the right thing to say to make you feel encouraged, and equipped to slay your goals.

Focused primarily on budgeting, debt repayment strategies, and simple lifestyle hacks, Rachel offers simple, and straightforward advice that you can take to the bank today!



There you have it; our list of the best financial podcasts right now. Honestly, you look smarter already! Did we miss any financial podcasts that you love? Comment below and share them with us!

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Not one of these podcasts are Canadian… is this post sponsored by the Dave Ramsey network?

CAnehdian June 15, 2020

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