Paper & Coin Corp.

What’s it like behind the scenes at Paper & Coin?

Well, we drink a lot of coffee, we work hard, we seek balance, and we’re driven by a mission to fill the financial literacy gap.

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Digital by Default 

We’re a remote team of financial experts and multi-faceted creatives. A cabin in the woods or a coffee shop in the city, we believe everyone should be able to choose the work environment that promotes productivity without compromising well-being and work-life balance.

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Diverse and Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion aren’t PC buzzwords at Paper & Coin - they’re a foundational pillar of our culture. People from different walks of life, experiences, races, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations - all are welcome and valued members of our team and community.

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Quality over Quantity

We’re passionate about the work we do and we strive to continuously produce high-quality products and resources. For us, it’s less about doing what’s trendy, and more about bringing tangible value to our clients and community.

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BTS 2019

Octavia Ramirez

Founder & CEO

Victoria Bevilacqua

Marketing Director

Jessica Orense

Web & Graphic Designer

Cindy Marques, CFP™️

Financial Coach & Content Strategist

Nico Felipe, CFP™️

Financial Coach & Client Success Manager

Britney Mackey

Growth Product Designer

Caitlyn Gambacort

Business Integrator

Tuti Aniyi

Web & Software Developer

Paper & Coin Corp.

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We’re always looking for multi-disciplinary financial experts and creatives with diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives to join our team. Interested?

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