A self-guided digital experience that teaches you how to manage your money with confidence and ease.

Who said personal finance has to be complicated and boring?
With practical prompts, simple worksheets, and helpful demonstrations, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of financial concepts and principles in no time, and start feeling more confident than ever about your money.

Everything you need to know about basic money management designed in a simple, easy-to-follow format.

A deep dive into how your past experiences shape how you think about and view money today. And, how to shift your mindset towards being intentional, setting goals, and having a healthy relationship with money.
Whether you’re broke, or your bank account is full of commas, everyone needs a budget. We’ll walk through, step-by-step, how to build and actually stick to a budget that’s tailored perfectly to you.
In this module, you’ll learn how credit works, what a credit score is, and different strategies for tackling debt, including the proven method we use to help so many people become, and stay debt-free forever.
Learn the smart savings strategies that will help you plan ahead for big purchases and goals, including how to quickly and effectively save up that all-too-important emergency fund.
Understand how investment accounts like the RRSP and TFSA work, and how investing not only helps you build wealth for your future, but also enables you to save on taxes today.
Learn all about how the stock market works, how to buy different investment products, like stocks, bonds, and funds, as well as the importance of diversifying your portfolio.
Real people. Real results.
aidan 💻

“After working with Paper & Coin I am even more intentional with how I spend my money. It’s a lot more peaceful, calm and stress-free. I buy things based on what I value rather than just based on the price tag.”


“Before Paper & Coin I saw money as something that brought me a lot of stress and anxiety. Now I feel lighter and I’ve been able to achieve quite a few of my goals. It’s given me peace of mind.”


“The Paper & Coin expert wanted to understand my lifestyle, my goals and where I currently was so they could amplify my next step to create the lifestyle I want. I felt like I was being seen for who I am rather than a typical demographic”

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