Managing your money shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming.

The Millennial Money Masterclass is an online, group coaching experience where your financial coach and instructor will walk you through how to get on budget and actually stick to it, how to strategically pay off and avoid debt (forever), and how to save and invest to build lasting, long-term wealth. But most importantly, by getting on a structured, step-by-step plan of action, you’ll feel more in control and confident than ever about your personal finances.

The Details

Once per week, for three weeks, you’ll meet for 2-hour live webinar-style online classes taught by your dedicated instructor. During the lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, interact with fellow classmates over chat, and get access to lesson slides and class recording the following day, in case you missed the live session.


$97.00 + hst

**Live classes run from 7PM to 9PM EST**

Class Schedule

MAY 13

How to Build and Stick to a Budget

MAY 20

How to Pay Off and Avoid Debt Forever

MAY 27

How to Save and Invest Like You Mean It

Meet Your Instructor


Octavia Ramirez, here! I’m the Founder/CEO of Paper & Coin, a company that was started out of my own journey towards financial freedom.

It all started in 2012, where I was working a well-paying full-time job, yet still constantly felt broke since it seemed like every dollar I earned was going into paying off my credit card balance 💳, yet somehow, it never seemed to budge. 😠I cut up my credit card into tiny pieces, paid it off in full, and have been totally debt-free (and credit card-free) ever since!

What followed from that moment on was a passion for personal finance and business. I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about the subject, and cash-flowing literally every aspect of my life, including my wedding 💍. years of world travel ✈️, starting this company, and hiring a growing team.

Over the years, I’ve personally coached dozens of people on how to pay off and avoid debt forever, learn how to budget and manage cash-flow, finally understand the power of compounding interest and their RRSP and TFSA, and feel in control of their financial future and dreams.💰

I hope to see YOU in our first online experience of the Millennial Money Masterclass, and can’t wait to see the impact and results you’ll achieve as you gain financial control and confidence.


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